May 4-5 Kay Meek Theatre 2023

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There is a minimum reservation of $500/studio. All registrations must come from a dance studio for insurance reasons, sorry no independent entries. The maximum set up time for props is 30 seconds. Extended time is available, additional fees may apply. 

Time Limits
Solos 3 minutes
Duos/Trios 3 minutes
Small Groups 4 minutes

Large Groups/Lines 5 minutes 

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Performed with tap shoes. This routine focusses on musicality and style.

An entertaining routine, sometimes with props. No lip syncing.  STAGE routines are focussed on entertainment, they often have staging and props, there is a focus on production quality and entertainment but it does NOT include lip syncing. For example we may see a Bob Fosse style "Rich Man's Frug" routine or a Rockette style "All that Jazz" show theatre routine in this category. 

MUSICAL THEATRE routines are focussed on entertainment through lip syncing. The lip syncing is the main focus of this routine and the quality of the lip syncing will also be judged. If more than 10% of your routine has lip syncing, it should be in the Musical Theatre category.

A routine comprised of singing and dancing, pre-recorded vocals are not permitted.






Solo spoken scene with no music, the intention of the scene is a focus on acting/drama.

Duo/trio or group scripted acting scene with no music where the focus of the presentation is on acting/drama.


Tap Shoes are permitted in ALL Tapquest Categories except the drama categories
*scripted scene

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